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International Feedback - The Documentary & the Website

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Lillian Rosedale Goodman (1887-1982) and Vivian Holt: "Whispering Hope" 1920

As thanks for your kind words, we offer you a wonderful treat, one of Canada's early recordings, "Whispering Hope," sung by Lillian Rosedale Goodman (1887-1982) and Vivian Holt, and recorded in Montreal, Quebec, in 1920.

"Whispering Hope" was an extremely poignant song to Victorians as their boys left singsongs around the piano for South Africa, perhaps never to join the family chorus again. More than a few tears must have accompanied the "comforting" words, "Wait till the darkness is over, wait till the tempest is gone. Hope for the sunshine tomorrow, after the shower is gone."

We are pleased that our Boer War Series won FOUR - we kid you not - of these Gold Statues
from the world's largest film & televison festival...

The Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum is the site of record recommended by thousands of ebay users from around the world.
Countless ebay sellers and buyers from every corner of the globe routinely refer to the gloriously educational pages of "The Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum," for historical information about Canada, and the British Empire, in the 19th and 20th centuries, and to evaluate and identify Canadian and British historical memorabilia items they are thinking of buying or selling or would just like to know about.

A Sample from ebay Antique Dealer web sites:

"Please see the Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum's awesome pages on Canadian Painter AH Hider."
(Los Angeles, California)

"For a wonderful description of this rare jug please see a truly amazing museum website, The Canadian Boer War Museum."
(London, UK)

"Look at the most wonderful historical website ever, for pictures and a great description of this rare Boer War tapestry"
(Houston, Texas.)

"I just wish Wikipedia was more like your site, and had more Canadian content, like you have." (Vancouver, BC.)



You Don't Say
Feedback: # 195: Moreno Valley, CA - "Your history web site is FANTASTIC!"
We'll Buy That!
Feedback: # 194: Tucson, AZ - "Your Boer War program is the most fantastic television documentary I have ever seen...

"It is the best $75 dollars I have ever spent in my life...!"
Go Teach Go!
Feedback: # 193: Toronto, ON-"My teacher said this is the best web site in years."
Feedback: # 192: Charlottesville, VA - "I am very excited to have found your website."

Feedback: # 191: Ottawa, ON - "Your site is absolutely marvellous. Many thanks."
- International Military Music Society Newsletter

I just wish...
Feedback: # 190: Agincourt, ON - "I am a relative of J.D. Kelly’s and grew up listening to stories from my mom (who was his great-niece) about his visits to them.  We also have pictures of him and his sister, Annie Kelly, sitting on the porch at the farm.  We were always immersed in his artwork and grew up with that heritage.  I also remember seeing his work in my history books at school.

I just wanted to say “Thank you” for your website and it has been wonderful going through everything (a lot that I grew up with and some that I’ve never seen before).

To have access to that in one place has been wonderful.

Thank you.  (I just wish my mother was alive to be able to see this website).

Feedback: # 189: Rainy River, ON - "Thank you for your wonderful site."

In the interests of journalistic fair play we publish dissenting comment - which we rarely receive - from people who do not share our interests in presenting a:


aimed at getting people to think outside the box of what the regular media routinely packages for them. Regrettably, it makes some people see red...
and we don't mean just on their neck...

Feedback: # 188: Ottawa, ON "This is nothing but a left wing blog designed to bad mouth (sic - ed) the Canadian Military and voice a narrow minded (sic - ed) and ignorant perspective of Canadian foreign policy... I expected a professional museum sight (sic - ed) and got the York University Trotsky anti-war sight (sic - ed) instead. Maybe this is an NDP or left of centre (sic - ed) Liberal sub-group political blog designed to spew political rhetoric as fact and try to influence the common Joe's political beliefs. Maybe you hope some how (sic - ed) to guide the poor ignorant slob's (I believe this may be a reference to the average Canadian voter - ed) point of view to the one and only truth - the truth of the left (sic - ed). You promote appeasement disguised as so called (sic - ed) peace keeping (sic - ed) or maybe its (sic - ed) racism disguised as an understanding and care for a people and its future. Whatever your site is, it is anything but a legitimate museum meant to educate an audience with an interest in Canadian Military history. Instead I believe this is a typical left wing propaganda site based on emotion and blather rather than facts and reason."

"Is this to further the NDP goal of pulling out our forces from this conflict to let the people of Afghanistan rot? A pathetic position to say the least."

Scott Duncan - Ottawa, ON

ed - We beg your indulgence in that we have corrected numerous grammatical transgressions, for while we don't mind exposing our viewers to contrarian, or fringe opinions, there can, of course, be no justification, whatsoever, for subjecting them to bad grammar, or similar lapses in good upbringing. Hopefully our respondent never writes books, or, if he does, at least manages to get outside help from some kindly literate soul.

We must all do our part to arrest the frightful decline in literacy among people who wildly rush into print before they are equipped with the basic tools of communication.

Feedback: # 127: Pakenham, ON-"What a beautiful website you have!"
Feedback: # 126: Natal, RSA -" Wow, I must say that your site is definitely the best on the net."
Lest We Forget our Civilian Volunteer Veterans
Feedback: # 125: Ucluelet, BC - "I have just looked at Joe Barfoot's page and it brought tears to my eyes... Thank you for sharing your story."
Feedback: # 124: Georgetown, ON - "The site is amazing!"
Feedback: # 123: Quebec City, QC - "I came across your wonderful website and learned a lot."
Hong Kong's New Flag!
Feedback: # 122: Hong Kong - "Your page on Victorian Edwardian flags is simply outstanding!"
Crocodile Dundee Calling!
Feedback: # 121: Melbourne, Australia - "The sheet music looks great as does all the other fantastic stuff on your very interesting site."
Simply the Best!
Feedback #120: Toronto, ON - "I saw your excellent series on Canada's role in the Boer War, on History Television. Although I have seen other documentaries on the subject, yours remains the best chronicle of our nation's experience in the war (and the conflict in general) that I have seen. I would love to own a set of the four-part series..."
Too good to be Canadian!
Feedback #119: Toronto, ON - "Your show was so well done. It was absolutely captivating to watch. Really fine! When I first saw it, I thought, this is just too good to be Canadian! Marvellous work you did. Congratulations!"
- a woman viewer
Great Jugs!
Feedback: #118: London, UK - "I live in the u.k. and have 9 of the above jugs (Carruthers-Gould Page 91j).The king and botha are missing from my collection, though i have seen king george several times for sale.Your descriptive site about the jugs is the best i have seen. It's enthusiastic and vivid and more than does justice to them."
An Academy Award...

Feedback #117: Calgary, AB - "Both my wife and I watch this show every time it comes on. We both think it is absolutely first rate in every way. The way it was done, the information it conveys, the way you told the story, all of it was nothing short of fabulous.

I have never seen anything better done on TV. It's better even than those British war documentaries we watch all the time, and they're often very good...

Believe me when I say that you should get an Academy Award for the show you did, if only they gave them for shows like this. I'm absolutely serious! Of all the shows I've seen on TV this is the only one I would ever consider buying. It was so absolutely spell-binding and so superlatively carried out. Congratulations. I just cannot say enough in praise of the work you did on this part of Canadian history. What a story! What a super show! You should be immensely proud."

We continue to be pleased at the amazing number of women who go on record to express how enthralled they were by our approach to making a documentary on a subject that usually attracts only hard core male military buffs!

A Canadian Apology to Susan Botha!

Susan Botha: Susan was one of our expert hosts who explains battlefield relics she found on her farm, which is where Lord Methuen camped and where the Battle of Enslin was fought.

Feedback #116: Ottawa, ON - "Bonjour! I just watched "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience" documentary that you made and to be frank with you my first and most important comment regarding your Chef d'Oeuvre is Merci!

Thank you for detailing the truth, the facts and the reality of that war on BOTH sides of the front line...

Your documentary is so poignant and vibrant that no one in his right mind can ignore the facts and the truth about the atrocities perpetrated by the British against the Boers' Families, homes and land...

I am not going to wait for Canada to apologize to the Boers descendants; I'll do it right now!

Mrs. Susan Botha, from the bottom of my heart would you accept my deep and sincere apology as a Canadian who feels extremely embarrassed and sad for the contribution and participation of Canada to a war which we should have never been involved with other than to promote diplomacy between the conceited British and the brave Boers..."

To read the complete letter, and see more about Susan Botha & her battlefield farm:

Feedback: #115: Oakville, ON - "I cannot thank you enough for the absolutely wonderful programs on the Boer War you did. Every show absolutely incredible. A really amazing job. In honour of your work I want to give you a special present from a former patient of mine who gave me a doctor's book of battlefield care from 1904. He gave it to me on his deathbed because it was special to him and he knew I would read and cherish it. I want to give it to you with the same respect with which it was given to me. I can tell from the fabulous work you did with your show that you will read and cherish it as did I, and the World War I veteran before me."
- an Oakville doctor

Ken Burns! Of course we're honoured, or is that honored...
Feedback: # 114: Montreal, PQ - "Your program was totally wonderful, totally wonderful. I really liked the way you talked with the descendants of the Boers like President Steyn's grandson. It's just a totally wonderful show.

"There are only two television programs I watch religiously, every time they come on, "The Civil War" with Ken Burns, and your Boer War series. Totally wonderful! I want to buy two sets, one for me and another to give to a colleague!"

- Professor of Law Emeritus, McGill University, Montreal, PQ

Feedback: #113: Oakville, ON - "I was stunned by the incredible quality of your Boer War program. It was an absolutely splendid program."

Feedback: #112: Toronto, ON - "I was amazed at the quality of your research and the location visits of the former battlefields."

From the Site of the War!
Feedback: # 111: Pretoria, RSA - "Congratulations on preserving and making available the Anglo-Boer War history. Your web site I consider to be the most interesting on the Anglo-Boer War. Thank you for your most interesting and well documented site."

Thank You British Columbia Viewers!
Feedback #110: Vancouver, BC - Thought I'd pass along some feedback to your Boer War web site.

"Steve, this is just wonderful!!!!! I was beginning to lose faith in this country until I saw what ordinary Canadians can still produce. Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!! I sent it on to Uncle Jan and Tony."

Feedback: #109: Toronto, ON - "I saw your series on the Boer War the other day. You know, I don't like this history stuff - I don't watch it. It's the same old stuff, done in the same old way, all the time. But I must say I was so utterly impressed by this show. All kinds of stuff that was so interesting, even for someone like me who doesn't go for history usually. It was so extremely well done I watched the entire thing. I don't usually find anything on television that is worthy of praise but your show was absolutely great."

Thank You Albertan Viewers!
Feedback #108: Calgary, AB - "As you know, we only acquired Parts 1 & 2 of your Boer War television series, for broadcast to Albertan viewers, but so many angry callers have pestered us, please make Parts 3 & 4 available to us as well."

Feedback: #107: Calgary, AB - "I was fascinated with your excellent video series "The Anglo-Boer War" and wish to purchase it."

Feedback: #106: Tillsonburg, ON - "I have not seen a better, or more professional web site on my computer."

Feedback: #105: Toronto, ON - "I watched your Boer War series all over again when it aired the last time. I just could not restrain from telling you again what a marvellous job you did on this program. Absolutely first rate!"

Feedback: #104: Kingsville, ON - "I really liked the battlefield sequences, seeing what the places look like today so one can better understand the events in those days. Above all I really liked seeing the Canadians and the sense of Canada your show had. Too often on TV they only show stuff featuring Britain or the US. Your show gave me a marvelous sense of the role of Canada and Canadians in important historic events, even though they were only a small part of the operation."

Feedback: #103: Vancouver, BC - "I am following my grandfather's history and stumbled across your website. What an awesome find!!!!!!!! You should feel so proud.

Your site gave me a good grasp of the times as well as an insight into what Private Patrick Lesime LeBeau RCR, must have been. I was especially intrigued by your account of the Battle of Paardeberg. Please keep up the good work!"

Feedback: #102: Toronto, ON - "Bravo to Goldi Productions for a documentary Canadians can truly be proud of (eat your heart out Ken Burns**.)  Your Boer War documentary was an absolutely enjoyable and enlightening experience.  A masterpiece!"
(Ken Burns at left, looks pleased too.)

**American documentary filmmaker Ken Burns produced the multi-award winning programs, The Civil War, Lewis & Clark, Baseball, Jazz , Thomas Jefferson, for US PBS Television.

Feedback: #101: Calgary, AB - "What a stellar series! I have enjoyed it very much. Well done! It stands tall in a world of really, really crummy TV!"

Feedback: #100: Philadelphia, PA, USA - "I was impressed by the videos. Excellent work!

Feedback: #99: Maidstone, Kent, UK - "Dear Sir, I was quite blown away to be told of your website."

Feedback: #98: Oromocto, NB - "My compliments on a great documentary. I enjoyed it tremendously!"

Feedback: #97: Louisville, KY, USA - "Wow is right! Your Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum is absolutely remarkable! I admired the sensitive and accurate accounts describing the items and setting the scene. I think the world of your wonderful museum. I enjoy every visit. Many thanks!"

Feedback: #96: Simcoe, ON - "Your show was fabulous, just fabulous! A very good job, very well done! I'm showing it to everybody."

Feedback: #95: Toronto, ON - "I have to congratulate you on the documentary style program I have just watched here in Canada. I found the program to be full of events that were tragic and made me somewhat sad ..... Your presentation was very good, in fact very professional. I hope you will continue to make good historic programs."

Feedback: #94: Mississauga, ON - "You did a real professional job. Really professional. Very very good!"

Feedback: #93: Kingston, ON - "Congrats on a remarkable film.... Well done!"

Feedback: #92: Toronto, ON - "The coverage on the Boer war was just excellent. My Grandfather fought at Spiencop, S. A. He was in the Lancashire Fusiliers. He was just 19 when he went in.

At the end of the programme there is a song "Where is my wandering boy to-night" I have been trying to get the words to that song but unsuccessfully.

It brought fond memories of my own mother singing this song when we were young.

Just before my Mother passed away we had a 60th wedding anniversary and she sang that song to my Dad in front of 100 people. She was 89 years old when she sang this song. This song is really important to me. Many of the songs they sang when we were growing up are not in print. We were able to get a few songs with the words but not this one. Could you help us out please?

P. S.- I nearly fell off my chair when I heard it at the end of the show. It brings tears to my eyes every time I read this song over, I can see my mother singing it to my Dad.

Thank you so much."

Feedback: #91: Tacoma WA, USA - "You have such great info on the Boer War on your website!"

Feedback: #90: Ottawa, ON - "I have just discovered your wonderful website honouring our men who fought and died in the South African War and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed my initial contact. I am looking forward to exploring it more thoroughly."

Feedback: #89: Terra Cotta, ON - "What an absolutely wonderful production. I was so utterly captivated! It was extremely well done. So much wonderful material, the pictures and the story. Just fabulous. I was just beside myself with excitement on this Canadian story and how well it was done. It gave me a much greater insight into my father who served in the Boer War."

Feedback: #88: Albany, PE - "I found the above to be an excellent production because it was well crafted, brought an obscure event to light, demonstrated Canada's involvement, hit me personally with some surprising facts which helped me to understand the Afrikaner defiant attitude. The painstaking work you've done is very evident. GREAT JOB!"

Feedback: #87: Keswick, ON - "WOW! What a knock out web site! We've just opened a Military Museum and your site has not only provided me with great info on some medals that have been donated to us but also opened my eyes to the immensity of the Boer War. Thank you!"

Feedback: #86: Don Mills, ON - "I really appreciate your website. Many family members have been visiting it, and I've heard only rave reviews. They found it fabulous."

Feedback: #85: Etobicoke, ON - "My father watched in awe throughout all four cassettes. His memorable comment was "Why isn't more of our history made as fascinating as this?"

Feedback: #84: Toronto, ON - "Your website is nothing if not astonishing. There is nothing out there on the net anywhere that even remotely compares to it..... There is a big labour of love here."

Feedback: #83: Mississauga, ON - "I'm totally amazed by your website. It's unbelievably fabulous. I was just knocked out to discover your site on a UK link, and to find out that it's Canadian just blew me away. I've spent many days going through the wonderful pictures and engrossing stories that you have here. Truly amazing job."

"Outrageous!!! (Worldfest President J. Hunter Todd)
"The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience"
Breaking News: Joan Goldi's "Canadian Boer War Show," the "Most Honoured Program" at the 36th Worldfest Houston Film and Television Awards, where some 1,200 leading producers from around the world (over 40 countries), submitted over 4,500 programs in competition.

Wrote Worldfest Houston President J. Hunter Todd:

"Congratulations! We are delighted to report that "The Great Anglo-Boer War" in it's various incantations, was awarded the coveted GOLD SPECIAL JURY REMI AWARD for "Creative Excellence," TWICE, in the "Best Television Series" category, and in the "Best History & Archaeology Program" category.

This is the highest award our festival offers. (left)

"You also got GOLD REMIS in the "Best News & Documentary Writing" category and in the "Best On-Camera Talent" for John Goldi. Outrageous! 4 GOLD REMIS!!!.... Very well done. The Jury really loved your Boer War programs."

Best Television & Cable Documentary Series: We are pleased that our "cable budget" series, "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience," was judged the "Best Television and Cable Production Documentary Series" at Worldfest Houston in competition with entries from the best Broadcasters and Producers from around the world.

Best Film & Video Production History & Archaeology Documentary Program: We are especially pleased that one of our "economy budget" series programs, "The Great Adventure," Part 1 from "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience" also won the "Best History & Archaeology Film and Video Production" in competition with the best mega budget "one-of" television specials by leading Producers and Broadcasters from around the world.

To be honoured for "Best TV & Cable Documentary Series" in international competition, is a dream rarely ever achieved; to win, at the same time, "Best History & Archaeology Documentary" with a "series" program from the same string is the strongest possible affirmation of the care we take to make sure that each of our series programs is as good as if it were a "one-of" special. We are immensely gratified that our decision to use an innovative approach for telling this story has been so richly rewarded by the Worldfest jury.

That this was done by a small Canadian production company, making a low-buget documentary series about Canadian people, places, and events, is a special source of pride for the creative partners of this program, Joan Goldi and John Goldi csc, who also did all the "hands-on" craft work for all the programs in the series.

Gold Medal Writing: We are pleased that the jury awarded to Joan Goldi & John Goldi the Gold Medal for "News and Documentary Writing," for "To the Bitter End," Part 4 of "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience." It is the fourth international award the duo has received for their writing for this program.

Gold Medal Hosting: We are pleased that the jury awarded Canadian historian John Goldi the Gold Medal in "Individual On-camera Talent" for his 27 Boer War battlefield demonstrations during "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience," in a competition which included US television icon Mary Hart, longtime anchor of Entertainment Tonight, and Member of the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame. John Goldi came out from behind the camera for the first time in his career to help bring this Canadian story to life for viewers.

The Most Honoured Program: With its astonishing haul of four Gold Awards, "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience" is the most honoured program at Worldfest, winning more awards than any other entry (of 4,500 sent in) during the competition, which featured submissions from leading producers from over 40 countries (National Geographic, Florentine Films, PBS - WGBH, WNET, The History Channel, Grey Worldwide, Discovery USA, Turner Television, Carlton TV, German TV, Netherlands TV, Irish TV, David Grubin, etc. ) as well as from Canada (National Film Board, History Television, Lank-Beach, Astral Media, Exploration Productions, Corus, Barna-Alper, Cinenova, CTV, etc.)

We are pleased to note, that Joan Goldi won more awards for Canada specific documentary productions, than any other producer who submitted programs to Worldfest.

Made In Canada: Joan Goldi and John Goldi csc, did the craft work on all the programs. They did all the research (memorabilia, books, experts), and writing, were the entire shooting crew (locations and archivals), and did all the off and online picture, sound, music, and FX editing.

We are proud to have created History Television's most honoured program at Worldfest, and to have - as Canadians - set such an "outrageous" benchmark for excellence in international competition: Four Golds - best TV series, best history program, and two Gold craft awards - all for the same show. And all with programs that feature the people, places, & events of Canadian history, part of our life-long passion of


For your kind words, We Thank You...
Feedback: Toronto, ON - "The wealth of research and detail is astounding and thorough, with a wonderful breadth of archival sources throughout. Clearly this was a labour of love and it shows."
- Sydney Suissa, VP of Factual Programming, History Television

Feedback: Calgary, AB - "It is truly a wonderful production! I am personally convinced that it will be assessed as one of the decade's great television documentaries."
- George Milne, Museum of the Regiments, Calgary, AB

Feedback: #79: Toronto, ON - "I was wowed by your web site."

Feedback: #78: Houston, Texas, USA - We are pleased that our television series has been awarded Four Finalist Nominations for Medals at the the prestigious Houston Worldfest, the largest international television competition, for Best Documentary Series, Best Documentary History & Archaeology Program, Best News & TV Writing and Best Individual On-camera Host. (At Worldfest, only final medal winners receive Nominations.)

Feedback: #77: Calgary, AB - "I really enjoyed your video series. I only managed to catch two episodes but boy did I enjoy them. Even my wife, who has absolutely no interest in military history, enjoyed them."

Feedback: #76: Toronto, ON - "Oh I think you have a fabulous site. Just a great site!"

Feedback: #75: Charlottetown, PEI - "I recently purchased your 4 part series on the Canadian experience in the Boer War. I saw it on History Television and was very impressed. As an historian, I have a particular interest in this period of our history. When I saw your series, I couldn't believe that such a quality program could have been produced."

Feedback: #74: Toronto, ON - "Hello, thank you so much for such a very interesting"

Feedback: #73: Rhenosterkop, RSA - "Hi, I really enjoy your web site about the Boer War. Well done, it's awesome."

America the Beautiful!
Feedback: #70: New York, NY, USA - "Superb job! Just a quick line of thanks for the job you did on the Boer War Videos. Poignant ..but not maudlin. Loved the on-site shots and "local experts". The sunrise opening and close with "Last Post" are very evocative. I showed these to several of my friends who were marginally interested in the war. They are now devouring my books related to it. Thanks again for the super job."

Feedback: #72: Sydney, AUS - "Hi there. I have just came across your web site, fantastic!!, I'm very curios if this will ever come out in Australia??"

Feedback: #71: Inglewood, ON - "Wow! What a fabulous site!!!! I'm exhausted from reading all the great info."

Feedback: #69: Saskatoon, SK - "Oh, I think your show is fabulous. Extremely good! I want to order a set of your videos."

Feedback: #68: Smithers, BC - "Hello. I really enjoyed your program on the Boer War."

Feedback: #67: New York, USA - We are pleased to announce that our Canadian Television History Series, "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience," has been awarded a highly coveted "FINALIST NOMINATION" in the heavily competitive "History and Society" category at the prestigious New York Festivals Television Programming Awards.

We are proud that out of 100 international entries, our program was picked by the jury to be one of the Finalists selected to advance to the Medal round - the only Canadian entry to do so. We are flattered that New York Festivals jurors have, once again, judged one of our "economy class" cable channel series programs equal in quality to the best mega-budget television history specials from leading producers and broadcasters from around the world.

Feedback: #66: London, UK - "This morning I thought I would try the internet to find out more about a little object that was given to me by my grandfather. Everyone who sees it have their own interpretation as to what it is. But I was delighted to find pictures as well as a discription of the item on the first website I tried (which was yours). Thank you very much for setting up such an informative website on the Boer War. It was very interesting to read through."

Feedback: #65: Ottawa, ON - "Your web site is fantastic! These things you show should be in a museum somewhere, where people can get a feel for the actual items up really close."

Feedback: #64: Bloemfontein, RSA - "Your web site is very well done! Most fascinating!"
Anglo-Boer War Museum, Bloemfontein, Republic of South Africa

Feedback: #63: Mississauga, ON - "The show was very, very interesting. I never knew John was an actor. He is very good, I mean really very good!"

Canadian Communists - We know who you are ....
Feedback: #65: Tacoma, WA, USA - "Say, I'm not a Canadian but your web site is mighty fine, mighty fine! It really, really inspired me! I'm really keen now to learn much more about this part of history. Man is it fine! And I only saw a small part. Very, very fine work! Just let me say that any Canadian who does not look at your web site has got to be a Communist! And you can tell them I said so...."

Feedback: #62: Brisbane, AUS - "I enjoyed your programs immensely."

Feedback: #57: Toronto, ON - "Your web site is a wonderful celebration of your productive and so very interesting lives. Congratulations!"

BBC Move Over!
Feedback: #55: Toronto, ON - "First class! As a Brit - and a history buff - let me just say that it's as good as anything the BBC has ever done, and no doubt done with far fewer resources than the British national broadcaster has available."

Feedback: #61: London, ON - "You've got an amazing web site! Very well done!"
Museum, London, ON

Feedback: #60: Montreal, PQ - "Very impressive and interesting!"

Feedback: #59: Vancouver, BC - "What an excellent website!"

Feedback: #58: Toronto, On - "I was impressed by the programming on your website, as well as your obvious attention to Canadian History."

Feedback: #56: Calgary, AB - "A very interesting program!"

Feedback: #54: Mississauga, ON - "It's just a stunning production! I watched all four shows. A really excellent production!"

On Gobbledegook!
Feedback: #3: Toronto, ON - "I thought it was terrific. How it was put together. Lots of these other documentaries have far too much gobbledegook, too much stuff that means nothing in the narration. The way you tell the story is great. I never buy this stuff off TV, but I said I gotta have this show. How do I get it?"

Feedback: #53: Toronto, ON - "Much enjoyed visiting your terrific & very colourful website."

Feedback: # 52: Burlington, ON - "I saw all four episodes of your show. They were all really great!"

Feedback: # 51: Houston, Texas, USA - "What a grand job!"

Feedback: # 50: Adelaide, Australia - "Please let me congratulate you on your web site. It is extremely viewer friendly."

Feedback: # 49: Boise, Idaho, USA - "I just love your website! I spent some extra time on your site and WOW, you guys are into some really cool stuff! You seem to love life .... and that's GREAT!!"

Goldi Productions - "Keeping Canadians in Touch With Canada"

Feedback: #21: Ingersoll, ON: "Thank you very much for your terrific production 'The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience'.

After my Mother passed away a year ago, I became the repository of any historical artifacts found while closing up the old family home. Included were some artifacts from her uncle's tour of duty with the RCR in South Africa - his service medal, cap badge, Queen Victoria's chocolate tin, etc. I mounted them under glass and put them on my mantle along with a framed copy of a 1901 calendar that chronicled the war to that point.

Still I did not have a true understanding of the war. Until, that is, your documentary came on the History channel. It explained the conflict in an informative and entertaining way. I've ordered a copy of the video set so that my son will have it as a resource in years to come.

Towards the end of episode one, you talk about the Canadians boredom while stationed at Belmont and how they took to carving their names on rocks at Gun Hill. As the camera panned over the names of several of the troops still evident on the rocks, there it was - A. Woodward, RCR, London - my great Uncle Albert W. Woodward.

Thank you for giving this Canadian a personal experience."

Feedback: # 48: Clinton, ON - "WOW is right! What a great web site and wonderful show that you have put together."

Feedback: # 47: Font Hill, ON - "The show was terrific! It was very well put together. Just fascinating!"

I Say "Splendid old chap!"
Feedback: # 46: London, United Kingdom - "I've now had a good trawl through your Boer War website - it's an absolutely splendid site. I'm most impressed by not only its contents and how they are displayed but also the ease with which they can be accessed."

Feedback: # 45: Pretoria, Republic of South Africa - "I was visiting your website and have to congratulate you on an excellent site."

Feedback: #44: Kemptville, ON - "We enjoyed the fourth and final installment very much, again."

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Oh Canada!
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Crocodile Dundee Calling!
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The Best of Britain
Quite possibly no other country in the world could have produced an Emily Hobhouse, who is surely one of the most astonishing human beings of the 20th - or any - Century.
Feedback: #26: Vancouver, BC: - "The approach is excellent. You had the Canadian perspective to work from, but you avoided the propaganda pitfalls, by reporting on the events and high lighting from both sides.

I have seen commentaries from so-called historians that clung to the wartime propaganda in Britain and Canada, and hold a total disregard for the existence and execution of the Scorched Earth tactics.

Thank you for succeeding, in my view, to report on - and provide the editorial freedom - to tell the history of one of the many human tragedies of our times.."

Left, Emily Hobhouse, a British human rights activist, who uncovered one of the first great human tragedies of the 20th century. In spite of her English background and upbringing, the war hysteria all around her, and the strong opposition from the Establishment of the day, she fought relentlessly to publicize the lamentable conditions in the British concentration camps in South Africa. She believed that if her countrymen only knew about the appalling situation, they would take steps to end the abuses. It worked.

As a mark of their extreme respect, the Boers entombed the ashes of this British lady, in 1926, at the foot of the central column of The National Woman's Memorial in Bloemfontein, beside Boer supreme heroes, President MT Steyn, and General Christiaan de Wet.


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I have a particular personal interest in the war, because my great grandfather, was Paul Kruger's State Secretary, and personally delivered the Boer ultimatum to the British government. He was also one of the signatories to the Treaty of Vereeniging. He had preceded Marthinus Steyn (whom you mentioned in your documentary) as President of the Orange Free State."

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Wouldn't you love to have this person working for you?????
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Feedback: #8: Mississauga, ON - "Episode II is great. The quantum of information and knowledge is exceptional. The story flow is so smooth that makes us feel like we're living through the Boer War time. Calling this a war? I think it is the story of courage, a fight for freedom, and innovations to survive."

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I Can't Believe It!
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