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Boer War DVD For Sale

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flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
The Great Anglo-Boer War: the Canadian Experience - 2 DVD discs in one case

Orig. program -
Found - Toronto, Canada

The program, formerly on four VHS cassettes has been remastered on to two DVD discs issued in one case.

Total Cost for UK HOME USE is $49 + $12 (S&H) = $61 US.

Total Cost for US HOME USE is $49 + $12 (S&H) = $61 US.

Total Cost for CANADA HOME USE is $49 + $4.50 (S&H) = $53.50 US.

Licensing for Institutions is:

$150. US

The Internationally Honoured

Four Hour Television Series

"The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience"

- a Canada Millennium Project

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A gripping and highly innovative presentation of a story never told before on television, the story of Canada's first ever military participation in an overseas war.

Shot in South Africa and showing, for the first time, all the major historic locations and battlefields where the British Army lived, fought, and died during 1899-1902.

Features a blizzard of rarely seen antique colour prints and historical memorabilia from the period, which once graced parlours throughout the British Empire in honour of the volunteers who served for Queen & Empire.

Masterfully Narrated by

Linden MacIntyre of
CBC's Fifth Estate
What Women Say!!!!

Feedback: #89: Terra Cotta, ON - "What an absolutely wonderful production. I was so utterly captivated! It was extremely well done. So much wonderful material, the pictures and the story. Just fabulous. I was just beside myself with excitement on this Canadian story and how well it was done. It gave me a much greater insight into my father who served in the Boer War."

Part 1: The Great Adventure

Feedback: #9: Etobicoke, ON - "Bravo! Interesting, informative, and artfully presented."

What Women Say!!!!

Feedback: # 41: Toronto, ON - "I thought your show was just terrific, just a gorgeous show! So much information so well presented. I just have to see it again. Just a fabulous show!"

Feedback: #77: Calgary, AB - "I really enjoyed your video series. I only managed to catch two episodes but boy did I enjoy them. Even my wife, who has absolutely no interest in military history, enjoyed them."

Feedback: #19: Ajax, ON - "Well, another really interesting and I must say, emotional episode. I cannot believe the amount of research that went into this project! How does one get, the accumulation of family descendants, their pictures, and their stories along with all the original film footage? Great job!"

Part 2: The Heroes of Paardeberg

Feedback: #14: Montreal, PQ - "Congratulations on such a wonderful job covering a difficult subject."

"The wealth of research and detail is astounding and thorough, with a wonderful breadth of archival sources throughout. Clearly this was a labour of love and it shows."
Sydney Suissa, VP of Factual Programming, History Television

"It is a truly wonderful production. I am personally convinced that it will be assessed as one of the decade's great television documentaries."
- George Milne, Museum of the Regiments, Calgary, AB

Part 3: Marching to Pretoria

Feedback: # 31: Petawawa, ON - "Very well done. Very balanced and informative. Quite interesting to see that many of the battle sites have remained virtually untouched for all these years. Again, thank you, and a job very well done."

Feedback: #5: Oakville, ON: - "I must say your narrator is absolutely first rate!"

Feedback: #28: Edmonton, AB - "I would like to purchase "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience." By the way, you did a superb job on the history of the event."

Feedback: #16: London, ON - "Congratulations on doing such a great job on the documentary!"

Part 4: To The Bitter End

Feedback: #21: Ingersoll, ON: "Thank you very much for your terrific production 'The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience'.

Feedback: #3: Toronto, ON - "I thought it was terrific. How it was put together. Lots of these other documentaries have far too much gobbledegook, too much stuff that means nothing in the narration. The way you tell the story is great. I never buy this stuff off TV, but I said I gotta have this show. How do I get it?"

Feedback: #24: Melville, SK - "Congratulations on the excellent Canada Boer War program on the History Channel."

Total Cost for UK HOME USE is $75 + $12 (S&H) = $87 US.

Total Cost for US HOME USE is $75 + $8 (S&H) = $83 US.

Total Cost for CANADA HOME USE is $75 + $6 (S&H) = $81 US.


These prices are only for "HOME VIDEO" use. These DVDs may not legally be used in Schools, Museums, Universities, or other institutions. Users who plan to show these programs outside the "Home" must enquire about legal licenses from us for "Public Performance" or face legal consequences.

America the Beautiful!
Feedback: #70: New York, NY, USA - "Superb job! Just a quick line of thanks for the job you did on the Boer War Videos. Poignant ..but not maudlin. Loved the on-site shots and "local experts". The sunrise opening and close with "Last Post" are very evocative. I showed these to several of my friends who were marginally interested in the war. They are now devouring my books related to it. Thanks again for the super job."
"Outrageous!!! (Worldfest President J. Hunter Todd)
"The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience"
Breaking News: Joan Goldi's "Canadian Boer War Show," the "Most Honoured Program" at the 36th Worldfest Houston Film and Television Awards, where some 1,200 leading producers from around the world (over 40 countries), submitted over 4,500 programs in competition.
Wrote Worldfest Houston President J. Hunter Todd:

"Congratulations! We are delighted to report that "The Great Anglo-Boer War" in it's various incantations, was awarded the coveted GOLD SPECIAL JURY REMI AWARD for "Creative Excellence," TWICE, in the "Best Television Series" category, and in the "Best History & Archaeology Program" category. This is the highest award our festival offers. (left)

"You also got GOLD REMIS in the "Best News & Documentary Writing" category and in the "Best On-Camera Talent" for John Goldi. Outrageous! 4 GOLD REMIS!!!.... Very well done. The Jury really loved your Boer War programs."

Best Television & Cable Documentary Series: We are pleased that our "cable budget" series, "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience," was judged the "Best Television and Cable Production Documentary Series" at Worldfest Houston in competition with entries from the best Broadcasters and Producers from around the world.

Best Film & Video Production History & Archaeology Documentary Program: We are especially pleased that one of our "economy budget" series programs, "The Great Adventure," Part 1 from "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience" also won the "Best History & Archaeology Film and Video Production" in competition with the best mega budget "one-of" television specials by leading Producers and Broadcasters from around the world.

To be honoured for "Best TV & Cable Documentary Series" in international competition, is a dream rarely ever achieved; to win, at the same time, "Best History & Archaeology Documentary" with a "series" program from the same string is the strongest possible affirmation of the care we take to make sure that each of our series programs is as good as if it were a "one-of" special. We are immensely gratified that our decision to use an innovative approach for telling this story has been so richly rewarded by the Worldfest jury.

That this was done by a small Canadian production company, making a low-buget documentary series about Canadian people, places, and events, is a special source of pride for the creative partners of this program, Joan Goldi and John Goldi csc, who also did all the "hands-on" craft work for all the programs in the series.

Gold Medal Writing: We are pleased that the jury awarded to Joan Goldi & John Goldi the Gold Medal for "News and Documentary Writing," for "To the Bitter End," Part 4 of "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience." It is the fourth international award the duo has received for their writing for this program.

Gold Medal Hosting: We are pleased that the jury awarded Canadian historian John Goldi the Gold Medal in "Individual On-camera Talent" for his 27 Boer War battlefield demonstrations during "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience." He came out from behind the camera for the first time in his career to help bring the story to life for viewers.

The Most Honoured Program: With its astonishing haul of four Gold Awards, "The Great Anglo-Boer War: The Canadian Experience" is the most honoured program at Worldfest, winning more awards than any other entry (of 4,500 sent in) during the competition, which featured submissions from leading producers from over 40 countries (National Geographic, Florentine Films, PBS - WGBH, WNET, The History Channel, Grey Worldwide, Discovery USA, Turner Television, Carlton TV, German TV, Netherlands TV, Irish TV, David Grubin, etc. ) as well as from Canada (National Film Board, History Television, Lank-Beach, Astral Media, Exploration Productions, Corus, Barna-Alper, Cinenova, CTV, etc.)

We are pleased to note, that Joan Goldi won more awards for Canada specific documentary productions, than any other producer who submitted programs to Worldfest.

Made In Canada: Joan Goldi and John Goldi csc, did the craft work on all the programs. They did all the research (memorabilia, books, experts), and writing, were the entire shooting crew (locations and archivals), and did all the off and online picture, sound, music, and FX editing.

We are proud to have created History Television's most honoured program at Worldfest, and to have - as Canadians - set such an "outrageous" benchmark for excellence in international competition: Four Golds - best TV series, best history program, and two Gold craft awards - all for the same show. And all with programs that feature the people, places, & events of Canadian history, part of our life-long passion of