Great Canadian Heritage Treasure

A fabulous Currier and Ives print of early travel in Canada.

This picture is probably the most used image of early Canadian voyageurs at work.

Their bark canoe with an outlandishly large bow is coming ashore at the foot of a rapids. The men are lugging ashore bales of furs or goods which must be carried, sometimes for miles, around obstacles in the river.

The scene was common in the 18th and early 19th century all across Canada.

The artist on this picture - 150 years ago - was very careful, especially with the tiny brown suspenders, not to allow the colour to bleed over on to the shirt.

Some Currier & Ives artists were renowned for their painting skills and were used on detailed large lithos which could be sold for more money.


Canadian Voyageurs, Walking a Canoe Up a Rapid - Currier & Ives, c 1860
Orig. hand painted lithograph - Image Size - 23 x 32 cm
Found - Toronto, ON
The George Harlan Estate Coll
Copyright Goldi Productions Ltd. 1996-1999-2005


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Canadian Voyageurs, Walk up a Rapid - Currier & Ives 5

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