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2017 - Calling All Muslims - Welcome to Trudeau's "New" Canada
- A Personal View on Genocide and War Crimes

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The American Way...

Killing people was what seemed to energize him. From his safe and cushy office in Ottawa he directed young Canadian girls and boys to go kill Muslims and to die in Afghanistan. In fact he ended up killing more of his own than the Taliban did...

Some 300 and counting, young Canadians ended up dead as a result, for no gains at all, not for themselves, not for Canada, and not for Afghanistan, while he retired with his corporate cronies to plush surroundings with a fat pension...

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The morality, ethics, and consequences, of bombing civilian populations - make that Moms and kids - into submission, with high explosives, incendiary devices, or by remote control: with drones, supplying aviation fuel, ammunition, and transport, to those more willing to do the hands-on genocide, or by sending troops to teach others how to kill people effectively so Canadians can "keep our hands clean."

The Canadian Way...

Lester was no sissy. And no one dared to question his patriotism. He put his life on the line as a fighter pilot in WW I, and was invalided with grievous injuries suffered when his plane crashed.

He thought working for Peace, with and through the UN, was a better way, than just shooting people down the American way... like the Bushes, Clintons and Obamas relish... And eagerly copy-catted by Harper and Trudeau...

And the world agreed with him, and still does... There seem to be none left like him in Canada anymore, well certainly not in the Liberal Party anyway... Which has only one policy left: at all costs, grab all the rural, racist red-necked Harper voters it can get...

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Just who the hell is in charge here?

Hey, have we forgotten? That when governments send out the military, it's to make people die... Moms and kids die... by the untold thousands...

Top General Rick "the Killer" Hillier told us that when he pomposited grandly
"Our job (the Canadian Forces) is to be able to kill people" targeting,
specifically "detestable (Muslim) scumbags." (July 11, 2005)

In 2017 is there still not a better alternative for Canadians than just carrying on Hillier's agenda and blindly following a small***, all-white band of European vigilantes targeting Muslims and exporting US six-gun justice worldwide?

*** Note: Obama publicly pomposits that there are 66 CWILLKILL*** partners. But, tellingly, in Jan. 2016, he only invited six (that six folks) white "European" nations to attend a council of war against ISIS, ruthlessly sneering off the other 60 as just political window dressing, and as "nobodies" worth consulting... But then we all knew that...
***European "Coalition of the Willing to do the Killing"

I am absolutely certain of one thing: "Lester" would be some pissed... if he knew that Canada was in any way involved as some genocidal CWILLKILL partner, especially one with a twisted ethical and moral way of "participating."

In 1960, I once encountered Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson - the only Canadian ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize - in the halls of Parliament.

I was surprised how small in stature was this giant in world history. It's too bad Justin never did... He could have learned a lot from his father's mentor.

Justin's is NOT a Canada, or a Liberal Party, that either Lester or Pierre, would recognize anymore...

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Psst, Justin, two Sophies have a word for you below...

Trudeau Welcomes Syrians to the New Canada
Orig. photo - Image Size - Unfortunate Reality Size
Found - Toronto, On Airport

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Immigration 1950... to 2015

In 1950 the Göldi kids - Hans (aka John***), Heidi, and Fred below - were brought to Canada from a war-torn Europe, from neutral Switzerland, by their parents, intent on finding a better environment for their family to grow in.

*** In 1951 I changed my name when a public school teacher admonished me, as a nine year old immigrant, to make up my mind - was I going to keep a "foreign-sounding name" or become a real Canadian and change it. I changed it in a hell of a hurry... But my parents continued to call me Hans for many decades...

As a young child, I had seen the huge billows of smoke rising across the Bodensee as the Allies flattened Germany. I was too young to know that they had incinerated some 600,000 German women, teens, children, babies, and old folks, with their aerial bombardments and resulting fire storms.

Kids not very different from these... Hell, it came close to being these...

Who would ever have guessed that in 2015 Canada would be at it again - incinerating Muslims with their jets in Syria with one hand, and hypocritically welcoming survivors that escaped the bombing, with the other...?

So far some 500,000 Syrians have been killed in the war-torn country.

Canadian soldiers and jet bombers under Trudeau are determined to add to that number. They're at it every day... even during the Christmas holidays. But then Muslims don't celebrate Christmas so it's business as usual for them. Having the total hell bombed out of them by unctuous Christians professing love and "Merry Christmas" all around...

If you think these are fabulously framed and posed shots that would be the envy of any family you would be right. They were shot in the summer and fall of 1950 by famed pioneer Swiss photographer and photo-journalist, Hans Staub, who took hundreds of photos of Swiss air force and airline planes in flight in the 40s. He lived and had his studio right next door to our apartment building. The photos were shot at different times in his garden.

(We all lived only 100 yards from the entrance to Dubendorf military airport where my father worked during the mid to late 1940s.)

Göldi Kids - Fred, Heidi, John - Dressed to go to Canada - summer 1950

Orig. photo -
Found - Suter-Lüchow-Göldi Coll

Thanks to a life choice by their grandfather, Alfred Suter, the three Göldi kids escaped being incinerated in Hamburg during World War II, and were able to start life in Switzerland, and emigrate to Canada in 1950.

The last photo of the Göldi kids, taken in the late fall of 1950, in the clothes they wore as the left for Canada.

Fred and Heidi are dutifully looking at the photographer's assistant.

John Göldi shows interest in the photographer and what he's doing with his camera.

Decades later he would follow the photographer's profession himself, winning over 130 international awards for his craft, and be awarded Canada's top cinematographer designation, the "CSC" from the professional organization of Canadian film and television cinematographers "for outstanding achievement in the art of cinematography."

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Hans Staub (1894-1990) was a Swiss photo pioneer, regarded as Switzerland's first photo reporter - from 1930-1941, for the Schweitzer Illustrierte Zeitung. During the war he became a top Swiss Army photographer, taking hundreds of air force photos out of Dübendorf airport, that were issued as postcards.

My family's apartment building was right beside his "Photo Staub" studio at the time. My father's extensive chicken house and yard, abutted Staub's back yard. Staub took our family photos in the late 1940s.

Postcard - Swiss Airforce Morane Fighter, c 1944, Hans Staub #179, Dübendorf, CH

Orig. postcard - Size - 9 x 13 cm
Found - Thürnen, CH

Above, one of Staub's Morane fighter postcards, that was posted in 1944. I well remember often sitting behind the wire gate at the end of the Dübendorf runway - it was only a 100 yards or so from our front door - as these noisy prop planes came in to land - with engines loudly revving and sputtering, barely a few dozen feet over my head.

The planes I remember the most were the fighter planes - the Moranes, the P-51 Mustangs, and later the Vampires. But Swissair DC-3s landed there regularly too. Dübendorf was the home airport for the Swiss national airline ever since it was founded in 1931. One of my first toys was a metal model of a Swissair DC-3.

When Churchill landed in Dübendorf in 1946 - the Brits had dumped him but not the Swiss - my Mom waved to him as he passed just a few metres below our kitchen window. Even though she knew his bombers had incinerated her German mom's relatives with a firestorm over Hamburg. He was on his way to make his triumphant visit to Zurich, to bathe in the adulation of the Swiss populace. Of course, Hans Staub was there and took this photo.

Watching the Bombing of Friedrichshafen (Germany) across the Bodensee from Romanshorn, Switzerland (CH) in 1944 & 1945

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Ruth Lüchow-Suter Göldi, and Hans Göldi
Romanshorn am Bodensee, April 1942
Orig. photo - Image Size - 6 x 10 cm
Found - Suter-Lüchow-Göldi Coll
Peaceful tranquility in this Swiss lakeside park and behind her 10 kms away Moms and kids are being incinerated by the hundreds of thousands by Allied bombers. The duo were almost among them... From the family photo albums meticulously kept by my mother Ruth Lüchow-Suter Göldi (1917- 2014). German Moms across the lake were equally proud of their kids but massively unable to protect them from the Allied Holocaust.

Watching the War - During World War II, the Suter-Lüchow residence and wood-carving furniture business (my maternal father's) were in a house on the brow of the hill directly overlooking the centre of the harbour entrance, above and below.

Neutral Switzerland is on this shore; Germany, being bombed, on the other.

For eight years I went for annual summer vacations here during the 1940s, fishing along the harbour wall and swimming beyond by the floating clubhouse.

Archival note: ebay is a wonderful treasure trove of archival postcards to illustrate family or museum history. I have found - all over the world - numerous archival photos of various houses I, my parents, and grandparents lived in, or schools etc. they attended in Switzerland, going back to the early 20th century.

Left my first visit to Romanshorn in April 1942. Behind Mom is the park on the shore of the Bodensee (dark shoreline trees, immediately beside the harbour, in the top black and white picture, with the Badanstalt where I learned to swim just behind).

Beyond her, some 10 kms away, is Germany which at that very moment is being obliterated by Allied bombing, which is also incinerating her German relatives, none of whom she would ever see again.

It's from the house we stayed in that we saw the unforgettable scene of the bombing of Friedrichshafen on the opposite German shore.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Sophie and Alfred Suter c 1917, Lüneburg, Germany
Orig. photo - Image Size - 15 x 20 cm
Found - Suter-Lüchow-Göldi Coll
My mother's parents about the year she was born. Though it's been 66 years since I last saw them, I can still hear their voices... Sophie Lüchow-Suter (1874-1953) was born in Luneburg, Germany, and Alfred Suter (1878-1950) was Swiss, born in Luzern, CH. Along with them I watched, from the safety of Switzerland, the huge columns of smoke from burning bodies and buildings from the Allied bombings, which they both knew were killing off her relatives back home in Hamburg and Luneburg.

I well remember all the family standing and chatting in front of the upstairs living room window, as everyone took turns with the binoculars, looking across the harbour towards Friedrichshafen where enormous clouds of smoke were rising.

The solemn murmuring I remember so well, I can only now, decades later, properly grasp in context. They all knew that my grandma Sophie's relatives were being similarly pulverized in Hamburg...

The dates when Friedrichshafen was bombed during the war, and two-thirds of it wiped out - along with thousands of civilians - are known, March 18, July 18, and Aug 3, 1944.

It was July 1944, and my mother took me on our annual summer visit to Romanshorn. Dad was in uniform and away on active service in the mountains. I was a very young child. But I well remember the hubbub inside the room and the scene we were all looking at, as if it was yesterday.

The Suter-Lüchow house, 51 Alleestrasse, where we would stay in the summer, was the one on the left beside the horse team. The furniture showroom was on the ground floor on the far side. The workshop was on this side, and the residence upstairs.

(The houses on both sides of the street, including the "Gasthaus Zum Hirschen" on the right which I well remember, are long gone. Modern view of house location is below.)

It's from the upstairs windows that we watched the bombing, looking out over the lake, over the rooftops of the houses on the right.

My earliest childhood memories, until the age of 9, were of sitting in the shop watching my grandfather and uncle carving, and of going up and down Alleestrasse with my wagon, gathering horse poop off the street.

Below the location of the house as it looks today.

If life was fair - and it's not - there would be a sign on the street below saying, "All Ye who pass here, Stop and Contemplate in Grateful Remembrance, that in the 1940s young Hansli Göldi once kept Allestrasse free of horse poop."


I spent much of my time on vacation, in the late 1940s, pulling my wagon up and down the street in front of the shop gathering horse poop for the garden.

I can still hear the sound of my wagon wheels on the pavement. In the 1940s, horse poop was still common on the streets and people appreciated my cleaning up other people's shit. I've been doing it, as a historian, and investigative journalist, ever since...

I believe that is where I developed my dedication to public service...

One never knows when skills one learned early in life can be put to later use.

During the summer, as a passionate bluegrass banjo picker and fiddle player, I go to bluegrass festivals all over southern Ontario. We sometimes find ourselves parked in cow pastures and we have to clear the site of cow paddies.

Luckily I had training as a child at shovelling shit. Who would have guessed that skills I honed to a fine art 70 years before would serve me so well in later life?

Right Pooper Snooper and Pooper Scooper in action: my trusty Labrador Fanny finds the offending cow paddies and I pick them up, before going back to playing my Vega Pete Seeger 5-string banjo.

Our cooperation serves as an important reminder that family members take every opportunity to spend quality time with each other. The Suter-Lüchows were brutally cut off from each other by heinous events that were far beyond their own fault or control.

Decades before my grandfather took over these premises, they housed a bicycle shop whose sign is on the second storey.

Note the horse poop that would have piled up hugely had it not been for diligent pooper scoopers like myself. The girl in the photo is the age I was when I rolled my wagon up and down this street.

Below, decades later the bike sign support has been moved up a storey to allow renovations to take place in the lower floors. But the bike shop is gone, making way for the automobile shop that opened across the street.

You can also see why all the marching people appreciated my efforts to keep Alleestrasse clean of horse poop.

You can just barely make out the top of the door that went into my grandfather's basement workshop, below the lower left-hand shuttered window.

The boys are looking out the very windows from which we saw the bombing of Friedrichshafen and Lindau across the lake.

Below you can see the distant Swiss shore from Lindau, Germany, just down the lake from Friedrichshafen, and comprehend how visible the huge columns of smoke from the bombing would have been to the Swiss. This photo shows Lindau before it was obliterated by American bombing. Romanshorn is just partly visible on the right edge. To its left is Arbon, and the harbour where my aunt saved me from drowning when, as a seven year old I fell off a fishing dory. I can still remember seeing and hearing her shriek and how the dory rocked as she wildly leaped in to come to my rescue.

Friedrichshafen, home of the world- famous zeppelin fleet, the world crisscrossing passenger airliners of the 1930s. Obliterated, and its citizens incinerated in 1944 and 1945 by Allied bombers.

below - Fake zeppelins. A coming feature page will show you why - if you have zeppelin photos - they are fake 99% of the time...

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Photo - Bubbi & Alfred (Son & Father) Suter, Romanshorn, Alleestrasse c 1946 Fasnacht Mask - Alfred (Bubbi) Suter c 1938
Orig. photo - Image Size - 20 x 26 cm
Found - Suter-Lüchow-Göldi Coll
Orig. Carving - Image Size - over life-size 38 x 61 cm
Found - Suter-Lüchow-Göldi Coll
As I remember sitting and watching them carving in the Alleestrasse basement shop. Here they are chiselling out the hull of a wooden sailboat that I had for years. I can still hear the sound of "schnitzing" as their chisels carved out the wood accompanied by the humming of the turning lathes

The location of the window in the back of the photo - on the shop door - is shown on the photo above at W.

I can still hear their voices, the metallic slam of the shop door in the background, the three loud stomps as Bubbi arrived and stepped down into the room, and his deep voice and hearty greeting,

This huge mask was passed on to me with affection by my aunt, my Mom's sister.

Below the fasnacht festival in Luzern, my grandfather's birthplace.

Luckily, unlike many of my contemporaries in Europe during World War II, and among Muslims in the modern world, I was privileged and count myself fortunate to have had a "later life..."

But for me, it was a near miss... and almost didn't happen... Thanks only to a decision my grandfather made, prevented me from being incinerated as a three year old in the Holocaust that was the Allied bombing of Germany in World War II.

Left the July 18, 1944 Allied bomb run photos of the very smoke I saw rising,from across the lake, where the Suter-Lüchow-Göldi clan, and the Swiss people of Romanshorn, were watching something astonishing they had never seen before.

Of course none of us could see or fathom the hell that the Allied bombers were raining down on German women, teens, children, babies and old folks, thousands of feet below.

Below are photos of rarely shown victims showing women and children incinerated in Hamburg and Dresden around the same time clutching each other in terror as they were eagerly asphyxiated and fried alive by patriotically chortling bomber pilots thousands of feet up in the air.

In three days the Allies incinerated some 100,000 civilians, mostly women and kids like this in Dresden (some estimates say multi-hundreds of thousands, of victims there in all). In one week they incinerated another 42,600 civilians in Hamburg.

My Mom had been born, and spent her early childhood, in Germany, in Lüneburg, a suburb of Hamburg, where her father, Alfred Suter, a transplanted Swiss immigrant, operated a successful small wood carving furniture factory. They all lived in a very big house.

In the disastrous aftermath of World War I, and the shambles that the Peace Treaty inflicted on domestic and political life in Germany, the currency and Alfred's savings were wiped out and his business collapsed. In desperation, in 1923, he brought his family back to Switzerland to Romanshorn am Bodensee, and restarted his business.

He didn't know it but he saved all our lives and preserved also the family's artistic treasures below from being incinerated.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Göldi Steamer Trunk Memorabilia, RMS Scythia, Dec. 1950 - from Switzerland to Canada

Orig family carved memorabilia - 1923-1949
Found - Suter-Lüchow-Göldi Coll

I believe this is the finest collection of Canadian immigrant steamer trunk contents - that of the Göldi family aboard the Cunarder RMS Scythia, in 1950 - in existence.

All were carved by artists (my mother's father and brothers) at the Suter-Lüchow "atelier," in Romanshorn, Switzerland, from 1923 to 1949 using the tools shown. My mother, Ruth Suter-Lüchow Göldi (1917-2014) packed them all and brought them to Canada in her steamer trunk in December 1950 along with three kids and a husband, Werner.

It was all she had left of her family. At the age of 33 she bid farewell to her mother, a sister and brother, and like many immigrants of her generation, never saw them again.

Go to Immigrants in a Trunk













Above, Ruth's father Alfred top (he died only months before we emigrated to Canada); left her beloved brother Herbert (d 1927) and her brother Bubbi (1903-1977) in his band uniform, and some tools the trio used in their shop in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. They all carved beloved childhood toys.

Left is the shop clock that kept time in the Suter-Lüchow shop when it was still in Germany c 1900, and brought back to Switzerland.

The original key that Alfred, Herbert, and Bubbi used to wind it once a week, during the early years of the century is still with it.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Alfred Suter-Lüchow Holzbildhaurei & Drechslerei, Lüneburg Germany, c 1907
Orig. photo - Image Size - 30 x 50 cm
Found - Suter-Lüchow-Göldi Coll
In his late 20s, grandpa Alfred Suter - beard in back - a Swiss immigrant, was a huge success - seven employees - in his adopted country Germany, where he found a wife and prosperity he would never see again.

The onerous and vengeful Peace exacted by the Allies after World War I, destroyed the social, political, and economic life of Germany and my grandfather's business and life. In 1923 a broken man he re-established in Switzerland in Romanshorn where only his son Bubbi worked with him in the shop.

In the end - long a family secret - grandpa Alfred committed suicide by gassing himself in a small back room of his shop, where he had often taken me to serve me cold tea he kept on the stove.

I fondly remember him in his white smock and skull-cap he always wore, the inevitable cigar, and the sweet taste of cold tea, the scraping sound of the teapot on the stove top, and his warm and kindly voice chortling away as he poured it for me...

I was his first grandchild. I never heard him speak Swiss - his native language and mine - but of long habit, in deference to his German-born wife, he spoke only German as did my parents when we were under his (Suter) roof. When we went home, we reverted to the Goldi family language, which was Swiss. For decades after moving to Canada my parents spoke Swiss among the family. As they grew older and my siblings lost their Swiss language, the family language became English. My parents continued to speak Swiss between themselves and to me, as the oldest and only child who retained his Swiss and German speaking skills. But finally Mom and Dad even spoke English to each other. Though Dad was the longest hold-out when talking to Mom.

Grandpa Suter succumbed to depression in 1950. He knew that only a few months hence his beloved eldest daughter, Ruth, or Ruthli as he affectionately called her, would leave for Canada and he would never see her or his grandchildren again. It was probably the final blow to a life that started out so successfully and ended so badly... Wars do that to people...

(Somewhere in the back the Suter shop clock is ticking away... and above the Suter arms he carved.)

Escaping Genocide, by a Whisker - Thanks to a wise decision regarding his family, Grandpa Suter and his family escaped being incinerated during the firestorm caused by the Allied bombing of Hamburg, some twenty years later.

Instead of having their young lives wiped out, his daughter, Ruth, my Mom and her siblings got to grow up and flourish in Switzerland, marry,.have kids, including me in 1941, and go on to lead productive lives.

Had her father decided to stay in Germany, instead of to cut and run, back to Switzerland, the land of his birth, I would have been among the countless three-year olds incinerated in Hamburg. (In fact the Suter-Lüchow business and the large house they lived in were gone when relatives visited.)

(In 2014 an unexploded American 250 lb bomb was uncovered and 12,000 people were evacuated from a huge area of downtown Lüneburg, till it was removed. It was the seventh such unexploded bomb found in the area in 2014. And this for a city which some pundits list as NOT bombed in WWII. Guess how many went off successfully in a town that wasn't bombed...?)

Right Mom and her two youngest kids safely in Switzerland, during the period the Allies were bombing Germany. But for an accident of history they would all have been incinerated in Hamburg, as hundreds of thousands of Moms and kids who looked exactly like them, at the same time, were.

Because of luck, she and her children survived. As did the necklace she wore below - carved for her by her father - which, many years later, she would pass on to my wife, Joan.


(Below. Someone else's Mom could easily have been mine... There were hundreds of thousands of them. So many similarly "great" photos and David L Bashow didn't put a single one in his bragging RCAF book... Why not David?)










In all, during the last couple of years of the war, the Allies incinerated some 600,000 German women, teens, children, babies and old folks.

(Canadian bomber crews helped create the Holocaust that incinerated civilians in Hamburg and Dresden (right).)

You can multiply this photo by 600,000 times to get insight into the true horror of what Canadian bomber pilots do to civilians and wedding parties down below, whether in Germany in World War II, or in Muslim countries in 2016.

In 2016 Trudeau sees no problem in continuing to associate his government with having Canadian jets and transport planes helping to wipe out Muslim wedding parties in both Iraq and Syria. Since they are not willing to show us photos of their handiwork, we do it for them...

Lingering Question Answered - Now do you know why World War I and II veterans, notoriously, never wanted "to talk" when they came home from the Wars...? (Though they were not shy about bragging rights with their scorecards on their planes.)

They very well knew what the hell they were doing; and to whom they were doing it...

RAF airman Trevor Timperley, aboard a Lancaster, recalled that smoke rose 20,000 feet above Hamburg, carrying the stench of burning human flesh into his aircraft, adding: "It's not a thing I'd like to talk about." (World War II Database)

I ask you, would you want to recall any of it? Let alone personally brag about any of it?

Better, let's just put up a "War" Memorial, featuring a gloating Triumphal Victory Arch surmounted by Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory in War... And let it do the bragging for us...

Go to Canada's Triumphal "War" Memorial

Canada is one of the ultra few countries in the world to erect a "War" Memorial featuring a huge, gloating jingoistic "Triumphal Victory Arch," surmounted by a giant Nike, "Winged Goddess of Victory in War" statue.

Left one of many thousands of Allied bomber crews, who for years, did an extremely good job at raining death and destruction on Japanese and German civilians during World War II. This one ran 49 "missions," meaning they bagged more than their fair share of German civilian Moms and kids.

They kept proud scorecards on the fuselage of their bombers, one bomb for each mission. It was the only "kill" tally they could keep because from thousands of feet up in the air they did not really know how many "Nazis," "Huns," or "Japs" they were obliterating or incinerating.

But there was one thing they all very well did know...

That the German men folk, of course, were away from home, fighting in Africa, Russia, Greece, Rumania, or Italy, and so would not be home and targets when their bombers started to carpet bomb with high explosives and incendiary devices, the wives, kids, babies, and old folks they had left behind.

In fact they all very well knew that each bomb tally amounted to tens of thousands of incinerated civilians, mostly women and kids, of course. They all took lots of trophy photos of the burning destruction. So that next trip they could get the ones they had missed...

Below, someone else's Mom in Tokyo - one of some 100,000 Moms, kids, and old folks, incinerated in March 1945. When the bombers came she ran for safety, with her baby on her back. But not fast enough to escape the consummate "professionals" of the Allied bomber corps. She was "just another Jap" to them...

Comparing 1944 & 2015 - If you would like a historic comparison on war crimes and genocide, note that in 2015 the dastardly ISIS (ISIL) was hugely scorched as the most inhuman devil incarnate by the Western mainstream media, for burning alive one - that's one folks - foreign Jordanian jet pilot captured after he had just done a bomb run, on their homeland, incinerating who knows how many Muslim civilians...

And then pillorying the hugely inept Jihadi John in equal terms for his one at a time, butcher knife approach to genocide...

Typical utterly hypocritical spin by the western European mainstream media journalists, about one - that's one pilot's - life inhumanely lost (through ISIS), by the same "European" crowd that conveniently chooses to sweep under the rug, and to make specious excuses for its own citizens' far greater acts of monstrous genocide.

They conveniently ignore that their own military, routinely, used to do astronomically far, far worse and commit far, far more heinous and unforgivable war crimes than that, and incinerated alive at one single pop:

- 100,000 plus civilians, Moms, teens, kids, babies, and old folks, in Tokyo, in March 1945;
- 80,000 plus civilians at Hiroshima in Aug 1945***;
- 75,000 plus civilians at Nagasaki in Aug 1945***;
*** Hitler was dead by this time. Had he lived I am sure he would have been totally envious of the Allied accomplishments. "Holy shit. Sure wish I could have been able to do that." His puny gas chambers - small rooms - were ridiculously inept and incompetent compared to the Allies who found a far superior way to mechanize and industrialize mass extermination of civilian populations by turning entire cities into de facto gas chambers and wiping out scores of thousands at a single pop, in a single night.
- 100,000 plus at Dresden in Feb 1945:
- 45,000 plus at Hamburg in Jul 1943; and some
- 600,000 plus German civilians in all.
(Some 5 million German civilians died in WWII)

Right victims of the Hamburg fire storm incineration in 1943. Were some of these my Grandma Sophie's - and my - relatives?

This is called "balanced journalism" by the western European mainstream media... Now do you know why mainstream media journalists who fall into "enemy" hands become victims?

Because, far from supposedly being dispassionate and arms-length journalists, they are completely the opposite: one-sided, highly partisan, and virulent war-mongering activists (Wente, DiManno, Blatchford, Gwyn, Bercuson, etc.) manning the front lines promoting wars against foreigners, and most recently bombing to obliterate Muslim civilians, all to indulge their base tribal instincts and to curry favour with their corporate bosses.

Left how twisted agendas transform personalities... What Bercuson aka "Dr. Death" and Blatchford - aka the "Taliban's worst nightmare," see when they look in the mirror every morning. It's rumoured Blatchford was refused membership by both and Both realized they had to draw the line somwhere... or risk lose memberships. Please Note: These photos are not photoshopped or re-touched; they are who they are...

Raging right-wing redneck racism, masquerading as journalism, is one of the worst evils that bedevils Canadian society in the 21st century.

It's cut from the same cloth as Julius Streicher's "Der Stürmer" was in Nazi Germany. Except this time they're ours... well yours...

Targeting Hun Moms and Kids at Friedrichshafen - Left another July 18, 1944 bomb run photo of Friedrichshafen taken by Allied bomber pilots, as I was watching their handiwork, from neutral Switzerland across the lake. When Hamburg and Dresden were bombed smoke rose to 20,000 feet in the air. You could see the smoke rise from 100 kms away. Pilots in the air could see it 800 kms away. From Romanshorn, we could see the smoke rising above Friedrichshafen and Lindau from a mere 10-12 kms away.

Above women and children, in Hamburg, incinerated and asphyxiated, after a very successful bomb run by Canadian and British pilots. A survivor described how the Hamburg bombing unfolded on the ground and why pilots could smell burning flesh four miles away:

"The stretch of road upon which we now travelled brought ever worsening scenes of horror. I saw many women with their children held in their arms running, burning and then falling and not getting back up. We passed masses of people made up of four or five corpses, each probably a family, visible only as a pile of burned substance no larger than a small child. Many men and women fell over suddenly without having caught fire.... Silently and with the last of their force, women tried to save their children. They carried them pressed close. Many of these children were already dead, without their mothers knowing." (World War II Database)

But hey, these were the lucky ones; for millions of girls and Moms who escaped the bombings there was "a fate worse than death" awaiting them...
(See below)

And no, you won't find the incinerated family photo above in Bashow's book either. It's understandable. His bragging and gloating book, full of scores of pictures of grinning Canadian flyboys, before and after their incinerating bomb runs on civilian targets, was written to celebrate killing, not to try to cheapen the accomplishment by publishing demeaning photos of any of the countless hundreds of thousands of "Hun" Moms and kids they killed with the most proud professionalism.

So now do you see why Syrians are dying - literally - to come to Canada...?

They've all seen nightmare scenes like that above... hundreds, thousands of times, at the hands of CWILLKILL American, British, Canadian, and French jet pilots...

(And of course Israeli pilots, who are known to drop bomb loads wherever Muslim wedding parties can be found (Palestine, Gaza, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Yemen, etc.)

Can you guess why German Chancellor Angela Merkel - alone of the big powers - has resolutely refused to ALLOW ANY GERMAN BOMBERS OR SOLDIERS TO TARGET MUSLIMS OR JOIN THE SHOOTING WAR AGAINST THEM?

And why Germany, alone - unlike France, Britain, Spain, the US and Canada - has suffered no "blowback" attacks against citizens on home soil?

In 2016, Canada, of course, actively maintains both combat jets and combat soldiers who shoot at Muslim wedding parties on their home soil. To keep bragging rights credibility with Canada's ravenous right wing extremists.

"Merry Christmas" from Canada - In World War II bomber pilots were notorious for indulging in a common passion, by routinely writing rude messages on bombs before dropping them to explode on German and Japanese civilians far below. Believing somehow, that it wasn't enough to just kill them, you had to insult them as well...

It is not confirmed, and currently is only an unsubstantiated rumour, that in a recent combat mission Canadian jet pilots were similarly writing messages on missiles before launching them against distant Muslims, one apparently saying "Merry Christmas You Muslim Bastards."

Of course it has historically been done, countless times before, including after the recent Paris bombings when "From Paris with Love" was painted on missiles and bombs, and what with the current strong and virulent Canadian Mainstream Media ranting to get a hesitant and waffling Trudeau to ramp up the race war against the Muslim pajamahadeen and their wedding parties, it's entirely credible.

Correction from the PMO - Needless to say the Prime Minister's Office has strenuously objected to us publishing our - as they emailed it - "your totally unsubstantiated rumours about Canadian pilots as being so unprofessional as to desecrate Canadian missiles with M***** B*****s." We were firmly assured that Canadian pilots were too smart and well trained to bother wishing Muslims "Merry Christmas," as we alleged, because "Muslims wouldn't understand the sentiment, so why would they do it?"

Besides, the email continued, the military was far too professional and disciplined to deliberately desecrate government property with offensive graffiti, or to call non-Christian people denigrating names. That they knew their duty; that the military's job was NOT to call Muslims names, but to kill them.

The email finished by authoritatively quoting former top Canadian general Rick "the Killer" Hillier - "Our job (the Canadian Forces) is to be able to kill people" specifically "detestable (Muslim) scumbags."

We stand corrected...

Trudeau - nervously eying his jingoistic right wing Conservative base, and fearful of alienating the war-mongering and rabidly racist right wing mainstream media - is NO ANGELA MERKEL - I PREDICTED LONG AGO SHE WOULD WIN THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. Alone, of the major "European" power leaders (including Canada) she has NO MUSLIM BLOOD ON HER HANDS.

(She shares that distinction only with former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien (and his predecessors) who alone of his Canadian contemporaries refused to be drawn into a race war against Muslims, all, of course, on totally fabricated and false grounds, concocted by George Bush, Dick Cheney and their Halliburton cronies, who gained billions in war contracts and spin off commissions. Harper is responsible for killing astronomically more Muslims than all the previous Canadian Prime Ministers combined.)

Merkel is from East Germany where family and friends suffered the worst war crimes of rape and killing of any area in Germany, where 5 million (that's five million) civilians died horrible deaths. Millions of German women and girls were raped by Allied soldiers in the last year of the war.

(As I predicted (in 2008) two years before it happened, that Canada would NEVER win a seat at the UN Security Council in 2010, while mainstream media pundits predicted - only weeks before the Harper bid was hugely and shockingly completely rebuffed by the world body - that Canada "had it in the bag.")

Kiss Your Sweet "Seat" Goodbye - Trudeau says he's already hoping for a successful rematch. NOT A CHANCE. As long as he continues to have Canadian combat jets and combat soldiers on the ground shooting up Muslims on their home soil, as a member of the totally discredited American CWILLKILL coalition, he can count, with a certainty approaching 110%, on having the 2 billion Muslims in the world, and billions of non-Muslims as well, strongly against him - and Canada.

Until Trudeau disabuses himself of the political belief that killing Muslims is a good way to curry favour with corporate and financial tribal interests that support a right wing pro race-war agenda, Canada will go nowhere in its quest for respect at the UN required to win a seat on the Security Council. Though he will get "Righteous Gentile" status in Israel, which has worked hard to become the most reviled state at the UN.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
WWII Lancaster Bombing Souvenir Bragging Button
Orig. pinback - Image Size - 23 cm
Found - Canadian War Museum Gift Shop
For Patriotic Canadians who want a souvenir to commemorate the war's accomplishments... The equivalent of a Nazi gas chamber, it was much more effective, being able to asphyxiate, and dismember scores of thousands of Moms and kids in only a few hours. Buy one for yourself, or give it to a favourite grandchild... They make great Christmas presents... And look great at Remembrance Day festivities...

Germany under Merkel has easily become the most respected state at the UN, and has long steadfastly refused to allow German bombers and soldiers to join the genocidal attacks on Muslims in their home countries.

Revoltingly, Canada under Harper, and now under Trudeau, has chosen to take its cue not from the universally admired Germany, but from Israel, with both notoriously praising Israel's right to bomb all the Muslims it wants wherever it can find them. So entrenching Canada's reputation in the world as being not at all shy about shooting, bombing and killing Muslims of any kind, wherever they can be found.

As we speak - and as a grinning Trudeau welcomes Syrians to Canada - Canadian jets are bombing the hell out of, and ground troops are shooting at, their relatives***** ensuring that there will never be any reason for them to go back there even for a visit...

Except to take pictures like that above and below...

That's called Progress folks or The March of Civilization...

Aren't we fortunate to live in Canada, and to be able to have a hand in it...?

A Blast from the Past - Below, some of the hundreds of thousands of Moms and kids that Canadian bomber pilots knowingly and deliberately blasted apart or incinerated on their bomb runs over Hamburg, Dresden, and other German population centres in the last two or three years of World War II. But for an accident of history I could have been a three year old lying on a Hamburg street.

As the bells of Christmas ring out across Canada in 2015, it is timely to recall that this is exactly what Justin Trudeau is having his bomber pilots doing over the holidays, over and over and over again, in Muslim countries, half way around the world.

While he decides - supposedly - on when exactly he will stop, as he promised he would. And he mulls over whether he will just pass his genocidal European CWILLKILL Muslim bombing partners the ammo and fuel so they can continue to do the killing for him. So believing - apparently - that this will keep his hands clean for posterity. Fat chance of that Justin...

Will he be able to give the Muslim Moms and kids, who died, thanks to Canadian jets, in the meantime, their lives back?

PS - Certainly an evocative but damning picture... But, inexplicably, it didn't make it into David L Bashow's book "No Prouder Place," the most massively illustrated book on the achievements of Canadian RCAF pilots in World War II. Why not David? It's a great picture, don't you agree?

"This year, let's show each other what it really means to be good. To be Canadian. Let's open our hearts and share love with those around us."

- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Christmas Message

Muslims not included - (issued between hundreds of Canadian jet bomber runs against Muslim wedding parties.)

Stuttgart, Duisburg, Hamburg, Dresden, Luneburg, and hundreds more, an amazing record... No wonder "Mom" - and Bashow - are proud...

"LEST WE FORGET" - Remember, this was not the result of sometime, supposedly accidental, "collateral damage" that white European sophists always claim as an excuse when another Muslim wedding party is exterminated, by CWILLKILL bombers, and drones, but a deliberate act of targeted genocide against German and Japanese Moms, teens, kids, babies, and old folks.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Alternative Canadian War Museum Gift Shop Bragging Button
Orig. pinback - Image Size - 23 cm
Suggested Outlet - Canadian War Museum Gift Shop

"Run, Mommy, Run! The Canadians are coming..."

This was one Mom who just didn't run fast enough when those crafty Canadian bombers suddenly appeared over Dresden. In a single night - with three fiendishly-spaced attack waves to make sure they got them all - the Allies chalked up - estimates vary, some go over 100,000 - mostly Moms like her, and kids...
She could very easily have been mine...

"Lest We Forget" -
Ah, but she did escape from something! David L Bashow's massive jingoistic tome logging the patriotic deeds of the RCAF called "No Prouder Place." Not a single one of these similar photos made it into his massively illustrated book featuring countless numbers of grinning Canadian flyboys either going out or coming back from "doing the dirty deed."

"WELL DONE SON!" - I had always thought that the National War Memorial was not to gloat about these genocidal victories over the "Hun," with a "Triumphal Victory Arch" and a surmounting "Goddess of Victory in War." Oh, and bragging buttons... like that below sold at the Gift Shop of the Canadian War Museum...

"Proudly" saved from a fate worse than death...

Right an alternative bragging button, for all right-thinking Canadians, who believe that if one is going to brag about "boys and their war toys" it should be done more openly, more honestly, and more realistically, than this minimal effort from Canada's War Museum's Gift Shop.

And let's not just put out a tepidly sheepish and shy fraidy-cat bragging button featuring a war machine that was, in fact, solely invented for one purpose and one purpose only, and that was to exterminate the "Hun."

When that was done, all of them were immediately destroyed.

The new pin corrects the record and offers Canadians who like bombing people something more historically accurate that they can proudly wear to high society kaffeeklatches, dinners, and Remembrance Day ceremonies.

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
Suter and Lûchow Families c 1915, Lüneburg, Germany
Orig. photo - Image Size - 200 x 250 cm
Found - Romanshorn, CH
Lüchow Family Holocaust - In his big house in Lüneburg, with his woodworking business hugely prospering, my Swiss grandfather Alfred Suter far right sits beside his German-born wife, Sophie Lüchow. His two sons stand behind. (My Mom would be born a year or so later.)

All the others are his wife's German relatives from the Hamburg and Lüneburg area. In the political, social, and economic chaos inflicted on Germany by the victorious and vengeful Allies, he decamped back to Switzerland in 1923 to find a more stable society to raise his family.

After the bombing of German civilians in cities during World War II, all contact between the families was lost. I believe Sophie's siblings and their offspring became some of the 5 million civilian war dead. The house and business above were totally levelled in the bombing of Hamburg in 1943. Had Alfred not had the foresight to leave, his family - and mine - would have also been among those incinerated in the Holocaust inflicted by the Allies on German women, teens, children, babies, and old folks...

I cannot even imagine what it was like for my grandmother, from the safety of Switzerland, seeing the columns of smoke, other than to be hopelessly transfixed daily with horrific thoughts of what was happening to her siblings and family members she had left behind across the border in Germany.

Would she possibly believe that in 2016 people would still be publicly bragging about the industrial scale asphyxiation and murder of her siblings and offspring? And that they were doing it again to a new generation of civilians?

STFU - There is an outrageous argument, justifying the deliberate industrialized organization to exterminate via Lancaster bombers, etc., of some 600,000 German civilians, made by old-time and modern racists and right-wing fanatics, like Arthur Harris who organized it all and modern historians like David Bashow who still rationalizes it and tries to defend the genocide.*** Both dismissively use the phrase "Sow the Wind and Reap the Whirlwind" aka "Tit for tat" as an excuse for the heinous war crime and human rights violation that exterminating civilians is, to any decent human being.

(*** In a massive jingoistic tome "No Prouder Place" dedicated to the RCAF role, which is profusely illustrated but not so mysteriously features not one photo of incinerated or exploded German Moms and kids. When he had his pick of some 600,000 bodies to illustrate the "proud" handiwork of the RCAF in carpet bombing civilian areas in WWII. They should have been in this book. It's what they deliberately did; it's a major accomplishment.)

The mind boggles at this kind of sociopathic fanaticism. How can anyone in their right mind argue that they have the right to exterminate the women around the table above because of something their political masters were being targeted and allegedly**** responsible for? Other than out of pure racist hatred and revenge.

****Remember, even when the Nazi high command was captured in 1945 the Allies DID NOT TAKE THEM OUT AND JUST SHOOT THEM DOWN - like they did to thousands of German Moms and kids - but put them on trial to see if they were guilty of something first. German Moms and kids were just incinerated out of hand. No trial; no quarter. Just summary execution, by the hundreds of thousands... I call it genocide and a war crime.

Even when a person is found guilty of an offence - say murder - in a Canadian court, we punish the perpetrator, and only the perpetrator. Neither the justice system or vigilantes are allowed to wipe out the offender's family, relatives, or colleagues, just because of some "Sow the Wind and Reap the Whirlwind" principle.

Though I admit there are those like Harris and Bashow - and Obama with his drones ruthlessly and repeatedly targeting Muslim wedding parties every day of the week (in Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya) - who disagree and say "fry them all." Claiming, "Hey they're related, aren't they? They are all Muslims right? All wearing pyjamas and burqas? They must have had a hand in it. Wipe 'em out I say. I guarantee they will not re-offend."

A Tale of Two Sophies - Both Watched the Bombings of Civilians - One was helpless, and one was not...

As a child I stood beside Sophie Suter as she helplessly watched the columns of smoke from burning bodies and buildings, rise 20,000 feet into the air, in Germany, from only ten kms away, knowing that her siblings and relatives were being blown up, eviscerated, asphyxiated, and incinerated by Allied bombers.

Does Sophie Trudeau in her cozy Ottawa nest, have a clue what that experience was like for Sophie Suter?

Or for Muslim Sophies like my grandmother? That, in fact, her own husband is repeating the very same genocidal pattern, so utterly discredited by the World Court, in playing ball with the discredited CWILLKILL gang of international terrorists.

That the CWILLKILL Coalition is operating like a US Wild West vigilante gang, killing off whoever gets in the way of its political, corporate, and economic agendas. Obama with his drones has killed off more Muslim wedding parties than all previous US presidents combined...

That neither Canada - like during the Korean War - or the US, is acting under United Nations control or auspices of any kind. Or any other form of legitimate right other than US Texas-style six-gun justice.

And that her husband's foreign policy, in trying to suck up to both the fanatic right wing, and the tepidly teetering liberals, has turned himself into a hopeless pretzel, and getting no credibility from either side, but hugely ridiculing chortles from everyone else in Canada and abroad.

Sophie, I say, listen to my Grandma Sophie, and tell Justin to smarten up, and stop playing the role of an ersatz John Wayne, who was himself a military braggart but service shirker of the first order.

Before he too ends up looking like a fool in History, as he already does to people around the world, none of whom can figure out just what the hell he and his foreign policy stand is about, except rank, unprincipled, political opportunism...

Tell him to quit the whole sordid mess that Harper and he have gotten Canadians into, and to start speaking out forcefully, saying Canadians will henceforth only act and shoot, if the United Nations approves, authorizes, and controls the operation. And end the longtime egregious Canadian government practice of taking its foreign policy marching orders, holus bolus, from directives sent, either from Gerry Schwartz or from the Israeli foreign ministry itself... Both of course, hate the UN.

Finally, Sophie, ask Justin how many Muslim wedding parties have his bombers wiped out since he took office? And will he offer compensation to all the Muslim Moms, teens, children, babies, and old folks that have been incinerated without due process or trial of any kind, by his military?

Or was that warm feely Xmas thing just for white European Christian Moms and kids...?


The racist bomb, missile and droning campaigns by European nations has created a total hell-hole throughout North and East Africa, and the Middle East (Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan), killing and triggering the extermination of tens of thousands - Moms and kids of course - and sending millions of people running for their lives. With thousands more - mostly Moms and kids again - dying in the process. And creating the biggest human refugee disaster that has no parallel since World War II.

"We are facing the gravest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II," warns John Kerry, the man whose bombs, drones, and soldiers have created it.

In 2008 Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs, Admiral Michael Mullen warned Congress, "We can't kill our way to victory in Afghanistan." And so it proved...

And they sure as hell won't be able to kill their way to victory over ISIS, which is a home-grown, grass roots, patriotic, ideologically driven and religiously enthused amalgam of freedom fighters that will only grow stronger the more foreigners try to exterminate it. It's like pouring gasoline - courtesy of Canadian transports and tankers - on a fire. It will spread and consume, what else, more Moms and kids. The only good thing - they're all Muslims - not good Christians like Europeans are...

flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure Sadly it's clear that Trudeau separates children of Canadians and children of foreigners into two camps.

Offering warm wishes for his own kids, and those of other Canadians....

And hot bombs for Muslim kids and wedding parties.

But keeping his hands "clean" as it were. Someone should tell Justin that he who supplies a gun that will be knowingly used in a killing is equally guilty under Canadian and American law. So is the guy who provides the bullets, or drives the get-away car, or trains the hit man...

Supposedly pulling back the obviously death-dealing bombers, but feeding his less queasy CWILLKILL partners fuel and ammunition so they can continue to do the dirty deed to please Israel.

A sickening set of ethical and moral constructions if there ever were any, to start off the New Year with...

Is that the kind of "Dad" you'd like to have playing "lovey-dovey" for Christians at Xmas?

Feeding the Jets that target the pajamahadeen, their wedding parties, their women in burqas, and their kids...
Orig. disgrace - Image Size - shockingly life and death size
Found - somewhere in the sky over a Muslim country

***** It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - The total disconnect between Trudeau's domestic and foreign policy is every bit as ludicrous as it sounds. Trudeau is insisting on repealing legislation that protected responsible parents and teachers who felt the need to discipline unruly children with corporal punishment.

He doesn't believe even good parents should hit kids. (NOTE: I unreservedly agree with the move.)

But he sees nothing wrong with blindly following the Israeli example and having Canadian jets routinely and repeatedly sending missiles against Muslim wedding parties in Iraq and Syria... And increasing the number of Canadian soldiers shooting down Muslims in their own countries...

He doesn't seem to see - or just to satisfy his right wing racist base - prefers not to see the disconnect... In one of his new priority government initiatives he wants to prevent stress some (Canadian) kids may suffer; but in the other, (Muslim) kids routinely wind up dead, dead, dead...

I guess it's just I, who don't get it... The explanations seems to be, well, these are "our" kids, those are only "theirs..." You know, Muslims...

Clearly Trudeau has a vision, and knows exactly where the hell he wants to go... It's just that neither I, nor the overwhelming majority of the members of the United Nations share it... Justin, kiss your seat good-bye... To an increasing number of Canadians, to billions of people around the world, and to Muslims in Syria and Iraq sheltering in fear under Canadian jet payloads, it's becoming increasingly clear that the "New Canada" is not really different, beyond surface gloss, from the old racist Harper Canada that resoundingly lost status among the Peoples of the World, and its request for a seat at the UN Security Council in 2010. Like Harper before him, Trudeau insists on following the wrong role model...

He is making party with a cabal that sees no value in Muslim lives or life... other than as targets for bomb sights...

It will be and remain, for the Ages, the defining war crime and genocide of the 21st Century, carried out by exactly the same European establishment crowd that - with so much success - brought you World Wars I and II with their 100 million, mostly civilian lives, lost. Wasting not a moment, with the opening of the new century, at getting started with launching international murder and mayhem, so they can funnel trillions of dollars for war toys to its corporate cronies...

In 2014, in retribution for the lives of three (that's three) Israeli civilians lost, Israel launched a genocidal revenge attack that killed 2,220 Gazans, almost all civilians and including some 519 (UN figures) children, all in a few days. 2014 saw the highest number of Palestinians killed by Israel in any year in almost fifty years. UN experts say that Israeli claims of "collateral damage" are not credible on any level. Call it what you will: genocide or war crimes...? Now do you know why Israel is the most reviled state at the UN, and so notoriously and repeatedly sneers at the world body? Where Israel leads, can Canada be far behind...?


flashing newGreat Canadian Heritage Treasure
A Gloating Triumphant War Memorial
Orig. memorial - Image Size - gloating over-the-top
Found - Ottawa, ON
But why not? They're damn good at it...

For decades, Canada has debased the public service of Canadian veterans by choosing to memorialize them with a retro bragging "Triumphal Victory in War Arch" surmounted by a gloating Nike, the "Greek Winged Goddess of Victory in War," so desecrating their memorial by showcasing, not their public spirited volunteerism, but to brag about their prowess at bloodletting of enemy (Hun, Jap, Muslim) Moms and kids.

So being one of a very select few countries (North Korea, Mexico) to use these ancient gloating, jingoistic, and war-mongering symbols on a national monument in modern times.

Something so totally gauche that not even the bloodthirsty US has done it with any of their memorials to veterans of foreign wars...

By removing these two offensive war-mongering symbols Canada could give the memorial back to veterans and celebrate their public spirited volunteerism, which was the original intention of this memorial when it was commissioned.

Luckily this can be done easily and cheaply and give the monument back to the bronze cavalcade of veterans now rudely covered up by overbearing war symbols and tons of granite.

And since you asked - There is no disconnect... Regardless of how wrong or racist governments are in sending men and women to die for its corporate objectives, they MUST stand 100% behind all those who served and died and those who returned as "war wounded." It is one of the very worst abuses of the Harper government that it did not do so, casting thousands of them away, after they were done with them, as little more than inconvenient trash.

But monuments must honour them appropriately also... Canada's "War Memorial" does not... at all... It focuses on their ability at butchering people...

Shamefully Left Behind #1 - Dead Muslim Moms, teens, kids, babies & old folks...

Shamefully Left Behind #2 - 160 plus Canadian veterans who served and died...

Sneered off by rednecks - For years the Government of Canada, the Department of National Defence, Veterans Affairs, the Canadian Legion and associated war-mongering military rednecks deliberately sneered off the 160 Canadian veterans who committed suicide, as not worthy of recognition on their jingoistic veteran remembrance publications, snarking that only 158 veterans were worth honouring for dying for serving in Afghanistan.

When it was actually double that number.

Clearly aping US racist redneck Donald Trump who says he won't honour as heroes or respect veterans who surrendered or were captured by the enemy.

The official "Lest We Forget" only the 158 combat soldiers poster above - which blatantly sneers off the 160 other PTSD victims who also died - was publicly placed in hundreds of Legion halls across Canada.

An unforgivable and totally egregious redneck snub and dishonour done to countless veterans who died and the families they left behind. And to Canada, as a decent place to live...