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The Mysterious Cover-up of the Death of Major Michelle Mendes - 2009

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The Shockingly Unpredictable Surprise - NOT

Top Canadian Military Officer - The Colonel who is charged as
a Serial Killer, Serial Rapist, Serial Home Invader

In February 2010, one of Canada's top military officers, Col. Russell Williams, was charged with murdering two women, raping two more, and two home invasions - for a start...

He was the Commander of Canadian Forces Base Trenton, Canada's largest air base, the jump-off base for Afghanistan, and the place to which the 140 Canadian war dead were brought back with great solemn ceremony.

The Colonel routinely saluted their coffins... then went back to stalking, tying up, raping, and murdering defenceless military and civilian women... And the investigation is only in its opening stages...

The Military Commanders and the Media professed total shock and wondered how this was totally unpredictable...

Only total idiots - read the Military Brass and Media on the Afghan file - could profess to be this naive, when the corporate culture of the NEW military is so caught up with the leadership mantra praising fighting and killing as their corporate raison d'etre. Below the "tip of the iceberg" that the military couldn't cover up...

Surprise #3 - A Canadian soldier killed a fellow soldier deliberately in Afghanistan.

Surprise #5 - An officer is charged with murdering an Afghan prisoner-of-war.

Surprise #7 - In Amsterdam two Canadian soldiers, returning from Afghanistan were charged with attempted manslaughter as a result of a violent gay bashing they acted out.

Surprise #10 - In Cyprus, where the Canadians military had won near Sainthood status, for its decades long, Peacekeeping duties that kept warring Greeks and Turks apart, so they could solve their problems peacefully, today its name is mud. Canadian soldiers returning from Afghanistan, accosted a man's wife in a bar, and when he sought to defend her was assaulted with a bottle that required hospitalization and stitches. They were charged.

Surprise #13 - In Toronto, three military men, murdered a vagrant, as a warm-up drill for one of them, who was to leave for Afghanistan on the morrow, and the attempted murder on a woman who sought to intervene to stop the killing. The soldiers jangled military dog tags in the civilians' faces, shouting, "This gives us the right."

Surprise #15 - The Colonel - a good Christian married family man - charged as a serial murderer, serial rapist, serial home invader.

All produced in the new Canadian Military, gaining pride from following General Hillier's call to "fight" and "kill," two words he introduced to motivate soldiers to win some self respect.

It is absolutely clear that the Colonel is not behaving as a result of a "Crime of Passion," where he "lost it" momentarily.

He is behaving with clear and practiced, premeditation, over, and over again, reflecting not a momentary mental aberration, but acting as a skilled professional, putting into practice things that he has learned he can get away with as a military man. He is acting out with cool resolve, the mind set he formed in the New Canadian military.

Only weeks after we warned that rape and violence against women was a chronic and growing problem in the NEW Canadian Forces - and was probably related to the death of Major Michelle Mendes - one of Canada's top officers, and an Air Force officer at that, was indicted not only for two rapes, two home invasion, but two murders as well.

All just the normal result of doing business in General Hillier's call to imprint the Canadian Forces as a bunch of American wannabe, Rambo-like killers.

There are countless other Canadian victims of General Hillier's call to killing and violence
as the dominant corporate culture
of Canada's NEW Armed Forces...




"We are the Canadian Forces and our job
is to be able to kill people."

- Canadian General Rick Hillier (July 14, 2005)




(Article Below, Posted Nov. 11, 2009 - Remembrance Day)

Why did Major Mendes die?

We raised this question in November, 2009, with the following analysis, after Maj. Mendes supposedly committed suicide in Afghanistan.

Neither Canadians, nor her family, ever received proper answers to troubling questions.

Why did she do it?

There are only three brutal possibilities, all extremely disturbing...

1 - Was she a nut bar? Then who made her a Major in the Canadian Forces? Then why was she praised by senior commanders? And why was she sent to Afghanistan in a senior position? For the second time?

2 - Was she stressed out from being forced to fight in an unjust or useless war, that poll after poll shows, the vast majority of Canadians strongly oppose?

Many soldiers and family members of men who have been killed, have spoken out on exactly this belief, a sentiment that is also widespread among many soldiers who have served in Afghanistan and come home to speak to friends and relatives.

Pvt. Jonathan Couturier, #131 of those killed, was hardly the first or only one to protest from the grave.

3 - Was she sexually assaulted by a senior officer, and when she reported it, told by her superior generals to forget it, that boys will be boys, and are in a war zone, and so not responsible for what they do under stress, that she should learn to live with it, they would not carry her complaint any further, or take action against the guilty party?

And for the sake of her career, she would be well advised to keep quiet and not undermine Canada's war effort with a big exposée at this crucial time.

Confronted with all that, it would only be a matter of time till the next time...

Was she forced to live in fear? An unbearable fear...?

Top Canadian General Maurice Baril, one of General Hillier's predecessors as head of the Canadian Forces, admitted to Maclean's Magazine, in 1998, that sexual assault in the forces was a big problem that needed solving.

The magazine reported, astonishingly, that over a dozen women victims had approached its reporter - on guarantee of anonymity - with personal horror stories of suffering rape in the small community that is the Canadian military.

Clearly the tip of the iceberg.

RAPE - the ultimate macho act for a fighting male.

Does anyone wonder what happened to the rape index in the Canadian Forces since, with its new Afghan campaign emphasis on recruiting brawling, macho, fighter types, whose main job description is fighting (it's hugely emblazoned on all the Armed Forces recruiting buses and TV ads) and killing (General Hillier's personal call to recruits)?

Four months after we posted this article - on Remembrance Day 2009 - one of Canada's top military officers - hailed as a fine, married family man, exemplary officer, and community leader - was charged as a serial murderer, serial rapist, serial home invader...

























































- Today Canadians are asking a new question. Was Major Michelle Mendes murdered by a Canadian senior officer, and was it covered up to protect the military senior commanders from being found out? Clearly there has been a giant cover up in the death of Major Mendes. Why?

Whom does it involve? Was it to cover up rape? Or murder? Or both? Canadians want answers.

5 - The final concern - There appears to be some question on whether these developments will harm Colonel Williams' next promotion to general. The military feels these distractions should not harm the career path of a good officer, and a gentleman, and an exemplary member of the Canadian Forces.